Why Trust Lilac

The industry of real estate is a competitive, numbers-driven arena in which there are many different agents, brokerages, brands, and services vying for the business of senior homeowners. They’re not interested in the life story that will forever permeate the walls of the house forevermore, they’re merely concerned with acquiring the listing, making the sale, and moving on to the next seller. With such a multitude of options to choose, how does a senior know, who will take great care of their home sale experience and whom can families trust?

There are three significant reasons why Lilac receives such outstanding reviews for its home sale services:

    • AN ELDER CARE SERVICE – First, Lilac is an elder care service. We aren’t a real estate company that occasionally provides services to senior homeowners.  Lilac was founded for the sole purpose of serving seniors and their families, and it’s all we’ve ever done. Our deep understanding in senior care results in a knowledge and awareness of the specific struggles of selling a senior’s home, and the emotional, financial and practical factors that must be weighed. Families trust Lilac’s years of experience with customized service, it aids seniors in achieving successful home sales removing the burden that can come with a life changing event.
    • MISSION DRIVEN – Second, Lilac is mission-driven. The vision for Lilac’s services was created out of a personal experience with a senior loved one’s home sale. As Lilac has grown, we’ve only recruited individuals who are passionate about caring for seniors. And are sensitive to their ever changing circumstances, influenced by their own personal relationships with elderly loved ones. This translates into a “client first” philosophy that empowers each Lilac team member to go above and beyond for their senior clients. That perspective is what makes the difference at Lilac.
    • SELF ACCOUNTABLE – Third, Lilac holds itself accountable to the highest standards of trust and integrity in business practices and client care. From Lilac’s multiple client protections, to our Client Feedback Forms provided to every family, to our massive network with elder care providers, we strive to earn trust every day.

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