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How a Lilac Sale Works ~ A Lilac Program Home Sale requires little effort or hassle. Our tailor-made services address every detail, so clients don’t have to experience the stress, work, or expenses of a typical sale.

It works differently for each client, depending on their unique situation. While one family appreciates Lilac’s free packing and moving services, another family might desire a quick closing date, while someone else is relieved that they can just “walk away” from their home in “as-is” condition, and leave the work to Lilac. In every case, we customize our services for each clients’ specific preferences, giving personalized support and assistance.

The Lilac Program provides private and custom designed home sales to seniors. Ask about our Guaranteed Home Sale Plan, our Senior Discounted Home Listing Service, as well as other options that may be available to you. This program has resulted in Lilac reaping high praise from clients and their families over the years.

Home Sale Options ~ At Lilac, we understand that your home sale journey is unique to you. No one else has an identical home to yours, or the same situation, needs and goals, or similar timeline of important dates hinging on the sale of the home.

The sale of one’s home is a significant, personal, life changing event. Letting go of your home, the place that is the keeper of birthday celebrations, holiday gatherings, scraped knees, waging tails, bee stings, laughter and sad goodbyes—the decision pulls on your heartstrings. But one has to relinquish the past, so that we can step into the future. And Lilac will stand beside you as you take that first step.

For this reason, Lilac’s home sale services are individually custom-designed around each client. We listen to your needs, find out what you want, and design a plan that will suit you, in terms of timeline, expectations and desired outcome. Your home sale, and you—deserves this level of attention, care and respect.

Lilac provides two home sale options that each can be customized for your needs and goals. Our clients benefit from Lilac’s level of communication, expertise, outstanding track record and experience. The following descriptions provide a quick summary. If you’d like more information, or are still uncertain, please contact us, we’re happy to explain in detail.

Guaranteed Home Sale Plan: If you are looking for maximum ease and privacy for your home sale, the Guaranteed Home Sale Plan is a great option. Lilac purchases the home directly from the client in a private sale, at a fair price that’s mutually beneficial, without the added expense of a real estate commission. You choose the closing date, there is no work or hidden fee’s or expense’s for you, and the terms of the sale are customized around your specific needs. It’s a guaranteed price and we’ll be certain to honor your preferred closing date.

Market Listing: Our full-service real estate brokerage, in connection with Platinum Realty, offers the complete range of services to list your home or property on the market – at reduced listing rates. You’ll find that Lilac has high standards of how we present the home for maximum value, and we can suggest ways to best prepare you for an uncomplicated sale.

There are specific qualifications for each of Lilac’s home sale options. We would be pleased to meet with you at no cost or obligation, to share our services in more detail and to see what options may best suit you. We look forward to serving you and accommodating your every need.

Lilac Coaching Services provide over-the-phone guidance and support to clients nationwide. Outlining the steps of a senior’s home sale, Lilac coaches have experience in both real estate and elder care.

Here’s how it works:

Discovery Call: In an introductory conversation, we invite you to learn more about Lilac. We’ll ask questions about your home and your home sale goals, to see how we can help, and what option will fit your needs.
Home Visit: If Lilac appears to have all the options you’re seeking, a Lilac Client Service Manager will visit your home. They’ll learn more about you, answer your questions, and look at your home.
Offer Visit: Lilac returns to make an offer to purchase the home, or to list the sale using our own resources. We’ll provide clear numbers in our offer, sharing market information and discussing your options.

Acceptance: Upon acceptance of a Lilac offer, the documents are drawn up. Together, we design the plans to assist your family through the sale of the home.

Services Begin: Lilac begins the process immediately by providing resources, assistance, and guidance through each step of the home sale. Your feedback is important to us; our goal is to make this transition as comfortable as possible. It allows our clients to confidently leave every detail to Lilac’s careful and thoughtful management.

Closing! It’s official! You’re moving into a new direction, with a fresh perspective. Time to celebrate a successful closing, free from the pressures, challenges or inflated expenses. Life is anew. And we’re there with you, from start to sold!

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