Lilac serves as a valuable partner to a wide range of professionals. Our approach to coordinating transitions through the sale of a home provides numerous benefits to both clients who use our service and those partners that refer their clients, employees, friends and family.

Real Estate

Your prospective client owns a home that requires an abundant amount of repair. Their cash is tied up in the form of equity and they don’t feel comfortable listing in the current condition. You can list the home “as-is”, yet if the home were to have a few minor modifications such as new flooring, paint or a kitchen and bath upgrade, the home will shine on the open market hence increasing the value of the home and your commission.

With Lilac’s MoveSmart II program, Lilac manages the process including cleaning, renovation, and landscaping, then works with you to prepare the home for listing. Lilac covers 100% of the cost. At the sale of the home, Lilac receives an agreed-upon portion of the proceeds. This plan optimizes gross proceeds for all parties and establishes stronger comps for future sales.

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Retirement Living Partners

Your community is known for its remarkable customer service – everything is taken care of once a resident moves in. Recognizing that the relocation process is often the biggest barrier to a successful sale, anticipate this need and address it early on in your conversations with the prospective resident and their family. In many cases your prospective resident assumes that managing the relocation is their responsibility and they will be glad to know you can help by providing a trusted solution.

Lilac’s MoveSmart and MoveSmart II

Lilac’s MoveSmart program can be co-branded with your community. MoveSmart can support your successful marketing efforts by helping your prospective residents to overcome the “relocation” barrier. The program offers the following significant benefits for your community and your prospective residents:

Resident Benefits of MoveSmart

  • Time Savings
  • Cost Savings
  • Convenience
  • Professional Support

Resident Benefits of MoveSmart

  • Shorter Sales Process
  • Reduced Cancellations
  • Faster Move-In Process
  • Stronger Wait List Retention

Legal & Finance Partners

Your clients count on your expertise and counsel for many of their most important and personal matters. For clients facing transitions, many may require guidance, resources, and support beyond your area of practice. While there are numerous services available to assist your clients with a specific healthcare or housing need, most families have multiple service needs.

Lilac offers a detailed and personalized approach to identifying these needs and coordinating solutions – ensuring that all of your clients receive the complete support and guidance they require.Lilac leverages a network of trusted, pre-screened service providers to assist your clients. Whether your clients are moving or handling the details of an estate, Lilac can provide compassionate, results-driven solutions.

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