Our History

Lilac was founded in 2013 in Overland Park, Kansas. The name Lilac, was born out of my mother’s love of the sweet aroma of the Lilac flower. The cascade of tiny lavender petals found its way into our family home every spring season. Vases bulging with this traditional annual were placed upon every table top available. The house seemed happier and sweeter during those few weeks every year. And one of our rituals were to drop off Lilac bushes to the senior centers. Spring was beckoning with a newness on the horizon, the excitement of what lay before, waiting to be uncovered.

That essence is what Lilac is built on, and is not your typical real estate company. We believe more about our relationships than we do your net worth. We are a boutique and not a billion-dollar conglomerate. Lilac is defined by high integrity, ethics and commitment to providing outstanding home sale experiences to senior homeowners and their families. Over the years, we’ve earned the trust of clients, families, and elder care providers, building relationships daily—sale by sale.

Lilac understands downsizing is an emotional event, and making room in our lives for more important things starts with revisiting the past; sorting through keepsakes, memorabilia, passing sentimental items along to loved ones to enjoy and cherish—then deciding what portion of your collectables and furnishings goes with you into the future. It’s an endeavor we face when reducing our living situation, but in turn we know we’ll be forfeiting the high maintenance busy work with electricians, plumbers, roofers, landscapers and the daily arduous tasks of living in a larger home. It becomes timely and unmanageable.

To harvest more quality time in our lives we must recognize the shift that needs to be made to take us there. As we grow older, we seek enriching experiences and a quality of life that sometimes includes a smaller, more efficient, less time consuming place to call home.

The inconvenience of re-inventing ourselves outweighs the continual investment of energy to run a grander property. A more thoughtful lifestyle conducive to whom we’ve become repositions itself as the priority. It may feel like something is ending, but in reality…it’s just the beginning. We dip our toe into a greater awareness and joy, without the distraction of an overwhelming house that we’ve outgrown.

Lilac is a full service real estate enterprise that assists seniors with the market sale of their home. Our agents are Realtors with the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation, and are experienced with seniors’ home sales. Lilac can locate trusted referrals nationwide for clients, and can sell both residential and commercial properties. For your convenience, we offer a moving voucher valued at $2,500.00 and a transition handbook to make certain this endeavor is stress-free.

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