Benefits Of A Lilac Sale

With Lilac, seniors and their families enjoy a home sale that is custom-designed around their specific needs and plans. Our expertise will be the architect to your new beginnings, by providing complete services with predictable positive outcomes. We offer peace of mind and security to our clients with certainty.

The following benefits are included in a Lilac sale:

  • Custom Closing – Plan the sale of your home on your schedule. We can move quickly, providing funds to you in as little as seven days, or we can accommodate your schedule and timing of life events.
  • Privacy – You can focus on downsizing and moving without strangers appearing at your door and meandering throughout your home. The Lilac Program provides privacy all the way through to the sale process.
  • As-Is Home Sale – With the Lilac Program, clients don’t need to be concerned with the added expense and hassle of repairs, updating, or staging their home. You can leave it just as it is. Lilac will rectify any necessary repairs and offer those repairs without expense to you.
  • Packing & Moving Assistance – Lilac provides downsizing services, including sorting, packing, moving, and unpacking in your new home, with no additional charge to you.
  • Estate Sale & Donation Services – If you have household items you’d like to sell or donate, Lilac can arrange these services for you. You can simply leave any unwanted items behind!
  • Multiple – The Lilac Program offers a variety of options for selling your home, depending on your immediate needs and financial goals. We customize each sale, tailored to your specifications.

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