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Founder, Jeff Basler, a Kansas native with homespun values is a firm believer of the importance of family. He considers honesty and loyalty to be his two best traits.

Even though he’s single without children, his nephews are an integral part of his life. He adores them and says, “Every moment is a teaching opportunity.” And utilizes that affection for children as a Wish Granter for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Jeff played baseball in college, on the pitcher’s mound. His Grandfather spent many summer days watching Jeff from the bleachers—sharing that mutual fondness for the sport. Jeff remains active playing sports, softball and tennis and working-out regularly.

Having a close bond with his grandparents, his grandfather instilled in him, ‘if you do something, do it right or don’t do it at all.’ Which has woven itself through every aspect of his life. His grandmother introduced him to travel as a child, taking him to Europe every few years. That sense of adventure remains with him today.

Jeff’s personality and demeanor may appear to be serious at first meeting, but after you get acquainted, you are warmed by his wit and humor. He appreciates a good laugh, and thinks, ‘everyone is best served when everyone—wins!’

Accomplished in Real Estate, Finance, Securities Regulation, Business and Investments, adding a host of impressive companies to his credentials, including the role of CEO at several of his own companies. He holds dual real estate licenses in Kansas and Missouri, with the added benefit of being a licensed General Contractor.

Even though he has worked in mutli-million dollar firms, he isn’t motivated by money. His 20 years of experience and successes span; the CEO of Community Capital Mortgage where he was the youngest to ever hold a mortgage banking license, Fund Manager of JB Funding, Founder and former President of an innovative, first of its kind, The Mortgage School, accredited by the State of Kansas Office of The State Bank Commissioner. Being the stimulus that encouraged and cultivated new talent, was vital to the industry and a prestigious honor for him as a whole.

Currently, Jeff is the Portfolio Manager of Security Realty & Capital., CEO of JB Funding, LLC,
where initially he attracted an investment from Hillcrest Bank, General Partner of JB Partners, L.P and Founder of the design firm, Simplified Home Renovations.

Jeff’s accolades include being named Missouri Businessman of the Year in 2003, and was appointed to the Taxation Committee of Missouri Senator, Jim Ryan.

He is a graduate of Park University – Parkville, Missouri majoring in Business management with a minor in Social Psychology. He also attended, Los Angeles Film School where he earned a Diploma in documentary film making.


In his pastime: Jeff’s learning Spanish and how to become a better surfer. Dedicates his weekends to having dinner with friends and riding his motorcycle. Being a water enthusiast, Jeff revels in surfing the Pacific Ocean when in California and is in the midst of becoming a certified diver, and says, “The ocean is the end of all life’s complications.”

He makes a point to carve out time to volunteer for underprivileged children and seniors. He is a mentor for young business people where he serves on the advisory board of several small companies.

Jeff’s passionate about music. fashion and living a healthy and balanced life. An avid reader, his interests include human psychology and behavior. He finds relaxation in mowing someone’s lawn, the fragrance of fresh cut grass permeating his senses is a form of meditation for him.

Jeff lives in Kansas City, Missouri. He has two brothers and his parents are celebrating their 44th year of marriage.

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