About Us

Based in Kansas City, we’re a service-provider that helps seniors and their families.  We purchase the family home and pay for 100% of all moving costs and assign a professional sorter and organizer to assist in the downsizing process.

Our experienced team of professionals have been involved in dozens of property acquisition and sales with millions of dollars directly invested. We are pleased with our track record and with our ‘everyone must be better-served when our transaction is completed’ philosophy. The buyer, the seller, our employees, and our business partners must be positively served.

Simply put, we measure our success by this yardstick: “Did everyone win?”  Read more >>

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What We Do

  • Purchase your home and close at a time convenient for you
  • Introduce you to qualified all cash home buyers
  • Help you sort and pack your valuables
  • Cover 100% of all moving related expenses
  • Provide minor cosmetic updates
  • Provide dependable services such as estate sale companies through our resource network

How We Are Different

  • We guarantee the highest offer on your home
  • We provide multiple cash offers; you choose who to work with
  • You will be treated as a valued customer and not as a number
  • You will be appreciated, respected and trusted
  • 50 years and millions of dollars… Experience does bring value!
  • In short – it is our sincere desire that your work with us is fast, friendly, professional and – dare we say- enjoyable

Complimentary Moving Services

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Transitioning to a New Community

Once you have filled out the voucher, you will receive a complimentary report on how to transition to a new home community.